About Us

The Funk Story so far

Standing out from the crowd these days seems to require an appearance on a reality T.V Show, or a YouTube clip that goes viral.

At Funk Coffee+Food, we let the coffee and the food do all the talking. Yes, we may use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to help push the brand to a new clientele, but that is where our addiction to the media starts and stops.

Because at Funk Coffee+Food our food is freshly prepared; Cold Cut Meats sliced every morning; breads baked fresh in the wee hours and delivered to our shops daily.

Grade A quality Fruit and Veg delivered and sliced in-store... B Graders don't make the cut and get sent packing.

Diligent we may be, but we're not sorry about it. We expect the best so that you walk away with a food product as fresh as can possibly be... NO questions

We want to fill you up with the quality, love and real goodness that we put into every bite!

The same passion for excellence goes into every cup of coffee.

The Funk Coffee Blend was created with the busy CBD crew in mind. A coffee blend that is not afraid of challengers, delivering a balanced hit of dark chocolate flavours to a discerning coffee loving public.

We also source specialty coffee and products to constantly offer our customers the best of what we can get our hands on.

This coupled with Baristas that are trained in the art of making a damn fine cup of coffee, makes for a first class coffee and food experience.

You can even take a piece of the Funk Coffee+Food philosophy to your next office or corporate function that will have you looking more like the office hero than the office zero!

Hot or cold options, savoury or sweet, fresh and light, simply follow the prompts on the catering page and have it made to suit you. At FUNK that's the way we roll.

We like to think of Funk as a one stop shop where you can rely on exceptional service and quality, an oasis in the busy work day if you like.

As we continue to grow we are setting our sights on bringing the Funk name and reputation to other cities in Australia, so watch this space we could be heading your way!

Funk Coffee+ Food was created to stand apart from the CBD imitators, and since our first store opened back in 2005 that is what we have consistently tried to offer our ever expanding list of loyal customers.

So to them and to all those we haven't met yet we say thanks, and welcome to Funk!



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