"We use locally supplied coffee and have our own signature Funk Blend which is a hit for a morning coffee buzz. We have a three-bean blend of 100% Arabica coffee. It is full-bodied and easy drinking"

Funk Coffee is roasted locally to ensure absolute freshness and delivered to our stores every Monday of every week. It is a special blend of three key components that were specially designed for Funk customers to enjoy.

Funk Coffee delivers a full bodied, dark chocolate and balanced palette that is suitable for an early morning kick, a lunch jolt, and a drag your sorry butt across the finish line, coffee experience.

Café Latte

Referred to as a morning only drink. It is what most of us consider our “best friend”. Steamed creamy, silky milk poured over an espresso shot, it literally means coffee milk. Enjoyed all day long.


Originally created by a Cappucin monk (so they say) and perfected with a dusting of chocolate powder. It's the Miss Congeniality of Coffee.

Flat white

Is an Aussie icon (it's like our way of saying G'Day). Try to ask for this in a coffee shop anywhere in the world and the response would be something like "what, the?" Full bodied and creamy, like us really!


If you asked for a stained coffee, this is the coffee that you would be served. A macchiato in Funk- Land is served long, because the CBD crew, roll that way!


Little, this coffee may be, but this pocket rocket can certainly pack a punch. Heavy in body with a smooth, caramel sweetness, rich and syrupy with hints of berries. The taste lingers on the palette long after the coffee is drunk.


This little beauty mixes the old favourites of coffee and chocolate together in a match made in heaven. For lovers of something a little sweet it's the perfect "go to" coffee.

Hot chocolate

Is not afraid to hold its head up high against the fancy high end coffee, but since it comes from the same side of the cacao tracks we will let it be a part of the IT CROWD. It comes in small, medium and x-large, recommended drinking for when the days turn grey and gloomy.

Iced Chocolate/Iced Coffee/Iced Mocha

Listen if you're not a fan of milk, or Ice Cream, or fun of any kind then this is not the type of drink for you. But when the afternoon is reaching 45 degrees in the shade, then we think it might be time you indulged in either the Iced Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Iced Mocha.

Iced mocha

Here it is again, but this time paired up with a scoop of Ice Cream. It’s the triad of wickedly decadent indulgence, best consumed whenever the mood strikes.

Frappe Coffee/ Frappe Choc/ Frappe Mocha

The result of blending ice, milk, ice cream and your choice of a double shot of coffee or chocolate (or both), in a blender for 20 seconds. Makes for a cheeky mid morning/afternoon refreshing treat.

Iced Latte/Chai Latte

This is as simple as it gets. A Cafe Latte/ Chai Latte made to its creamy and smooth perfection and poured over half a cup of ice. In summer it's the equivalent of drinking on an iceberg in the Antarctic, with a Polar Bear relaxing with sunglasses on. You get the picture?

Long black

It sounds slightly risqué, but the only thing that is unsettling about this beauty is that it is a cup full of deliciousness. Two shots of coffee are extracted on a ¾ cup full of hot water. Full flavoured and piping hot... Just the way you like it.

Vienna Coffee/Chocolate

This one is for the lovers of a dessert in a cup. Long black or hot chocolate served in a fancy glass topped with lashings of cream. It doesn't get any better than this.


Literally translates to drown. You have probably got more chance of drowning in pure pleasure. Two scoops of ice cream in a glass, and an espresso shot poured over it. Part coffee hit, part Romance novel. This coffee is the gold medal winner on all levels.

Chai Latte

Powdered Chai melted in a symphony of silky smooth steamed milk…sounds inticing already? It Comes in Cinnamon and decaf Vanilla for those who are dreaming of a Bollywood Epic in a cup.


For the gourmet tea experience, Funk have the whole selection of the luxury Australian tea brand called TEA DROP.

    Flavors include
  • Lemongrass & Ginger
  • Honeydew Green
  • Cleopatra's Champagne
  • Darjeeling
  • Malabar Chai
  • Ceylon Strong
  • English breakfast

Funk coffee cup sizes

The Grande is popular as you get a double ristretto shot topped with milk - "the perfect mix"

Coffee flavours:
  • Hazelnut
  • Vanilla
  • Caramel



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